C32 festoon system c-track and cable trolley

C32 festoon system c-track and cable trolley Standard length: 6m,, other lengths on request.

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Festoon System support conductor cables(flat or round) and hoses(hydraulicand pneumatic applicationsfor delivering power& control to mobile equipment in a safe, efficient and maintenance free method.

The cable trolleys are well guided inside their C-rails and protected aganist humidity, dust and icing.

The cable trolleys not only delicver power and control to mobile equipment which has reciprocal motion but also support large quantities of data cables including optic fibres travelling indepently from the mobile machinery. The relevant control carriers with and without push button lifting are also shown in this catalog.

All standard track and components are manufactured from zinc plated steel, and are suitable for the majority of industrial applications. However, most components can be supplied with a hardwearing polyester/epoxy protective coating for enhanced durability. For more extreme applications, stainless steel track and components are also available.


C32 festoon system c-track and cable trolley


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