European under running end carriage

The end carriage includes two parts, a wheel and an end beam frame. The end beam frame is composed of an upper cover plate, a web plate, and a lower cover plate. The connection plate and the angle steel are fastened with bolts.

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General Details

End carriage made of rectangular tube, transmission mechanism use gear reducer motor, equipped with the open pinion wheel or hollow shaft wheel. Suitable for single girder or double girder overhead crane. Wheel tread surface heat treatment.

It only need to weld the main beam and end beam after correction. Making crane manufacturing, installation and maintenance very easily.

European type End carriage adopts F-series reducer and hollow shaft drive, working duty reach M5.


1.Motorized trolley accessory of crane
Respective dollies in the system are independently driven.

2.A structure is composed of track, side track for horizontal movement, trunplate and other sections, and form a 3D network
for material conveyance.

3.Multipe control mechanism, able for centralized control, scattered control, or distributed control mode, and the dollies are
able to perform fullautomatic operations according to the set program.

4.Random material supply system for random applications for vehicle request by service positions to be made through
characteristic address code of service positions through dollies, for them to directly reach the stations where vehicles
requested for material supply.

5.Sorting and dsitributing system for carrying dollies to set address reading stations on the ground according to the
characteristic address code carried by different types of carried cargos, able to achieve automatic sorting and distributing
operations and so on.

Single girder end carriage

European under running end carriage

Technical data
Model Crane Wheel/Motor Traveling Speed
EUR2-12 1t/2t-7.5m 90*8/0.3kw*2 20 1700 1200 260 340 110-130
EUR2-15 1t/2t-11.5m 90*8/0.3kw*2 20 2000 1500 260 340 110-130
EUR2-18 1t/2t-16.5m 90*8/0.3kw*2 20 2300 1800 260 340 110-130
EUR5-15 3t/5t-7.5m 120*8/0.4kw*2 20 2000 1500 360 580 122-142
EUR5-18 3t/5t-11.5m 120*8/0.4kw*2 20 2300 1800 360 580 122-142
EUR5-22 3t/5t-16.5m 120*8/0.4kw*2 20 2700 2200 360 580 122-142





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