Wheel for crane end carriage

General Details

End carriage wheel kits, is an essential parts for top run end carriage, it includes geard wheels, plain wheels, shafts(axles), bearings, spacers and keepers.Which is also called end carriage wheels, crane wheels, wheel kits, end truck wheels, end truck wheel kits, steel crane wheels.

Crane wheel assembly are technically advanced and successfully used in different industries like steel plant, rolling mill,cement plant, fertilizer plant, paper mill, chemical industries etc.

Forged crane wheels are available in crane potation hardness up to 40 Rc including our standard heat treatments.

Crane wheels are also able to be deep hardened for heavy wear or load requirements.

Single girder end carriage


Technical data
Model Wheel Load
Bearing Gear Teeth Material Square Bar
HRC Q,ty Weight
GW150/PW150 2100 6306Z M3.5x40T S45C 32 50±5 2PCS 37
GW180/PW180 3200 6308Z M3.5x49T S45C 38 50±5 2PCS 57
GW198/PW198 4900 6308Z M3.5x55T S45C 38 50±5 2PCS 72
GW250/PW250 5700 6309Z M4x60T S45C 44 50±5 2PCS 136
GW300/PW300 8100 6310Z M4x73T S45C 44 50±5 2PCS 175
GW345/PW345 9700 6311Z M5x67T SC49 55 45±5 2PCS 319
GW430/PW430 15000 6314Z M5x84T SC49 55 45±5 2PCS 542
GW545/PW545 19000 6316Z M5x107T SC49 63 45±5 2PCS 872



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